ASEAN committee at KINGMUN

Association of Southeast Asian Nations

ASEAN | Intermediate

Committee Introduction

ASEAN is a regional intergovernmental organization comprised of ten member states from Southeast Asia. The main focus of this committee is the promotion of economic, political, and security cooperation between its members. ASEAN is especially interesting for debate, as while they are united by regional area, member states differ vastly economically, politically, and socially. As a result, passing resolutions and implementing solutions require compromise, diplomacy, and cooperation among all delegates. This is an intermediate committee for delegates with previous committee experience.

Position Papers are now due on May 24th, 2020 at 11:59 PM PST. Further questions or extension requests may be directed to the dais at

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Topic A

Increasing Public Transportation Infrastructure

Topic B

Unethical Labor in International Corporations

Committee Staff

Maya Dallman


A sophomore at Juanita High School, Maya is thrilled to finish out the year as your director of ASEAN for KINGMUN 2020! Maya was first introduced to the exciting MUN spirit in the chaotic General Assembly of REDMUN 2018 and was hooked from that point. Since then, Maya has been a delegate for multiple conferences and staffed both EDUMUN and PACMUN 2019. When Maya isn’t working on something for MUN, whether that be researching for a delegate position, working on a conference, or running the Juanita High School MUN Instagram (go follow @jhs_mun), Maya can be found trying not to drown on one of three swim teams, at the gym, trying to learn guitar, or stressing unnecessarily about school. Maya hopes that the delegates will enjoy the exciting debate, collaboration, and fun inside jokes that this committee will bring and wishes the best of luck to all. Hope to see you in ASEAN!

Shreya Nambi


Shreya Nambi is a junior at Interlake High School and is excited to be your chair for the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) at KINGMUN 2020! Shreya joined MUN in freshman year and loves attending conferences and engaging in thoughtful debate. When not drowning in IB work, Shreya scrolls through Tik Tok for hours and plays video games. She is very excited to meet you all, and hopes you have a great time at KINGMUN 2020!

Neeka Ghazanfarpour

Assistant Director

Neeka Ghazanfarpour is a sophomore at Inglemoor High School, and is thrilled to be the Assistant Director of Association of Southeast Asian Nations at KINGMUN 2020. After attending her first conference, PACMUN, during freshman year, Neeka was completely hooked on the heated discussions and complexity of debate. She grew into a stronger delegate as she started raising her placard more often during committee sessions. Neeka loves all the connections and friendships she’s developed through MUN and can’t wait for more hilarious memories. Neeka hopes that delegates who attend ASEAN will become more confident speakers and learn how to collaborate with others successfully. Outside of MUN, Neeka can be found practicing tennis, playing piano, or reading a good book. Neeka looks forward to a memorable weekend of entertaining debates and wishes all delegates the best of luck at KINGMUN 2020.

Additional Resources and Rules of Procedure are available here.