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Commission on Science and Technology for Development

CSTD | Beginner

Committee Introduction

The Commission on Science and Technology for Development is a subsidiary body of the Economic and Social Council. With its headquarters located in Geneva, Switzerland, The Commission for Science and Technology for Development, or CSTD, and its 43 members composed of national governments, annually come to discuss issues that affect science and technology developing in the modern era. The CSTD was designed to provide the United Nations with advice on agreeing on policies and actions using its annual intergovernmental forum for discussion, creating a space to safely review issues with modern science and technology such as the ethicality, practicality, and the jurisdiction of the committee on each matter in question. The CSTD is the perfect committee for experienced delegates passionate about engaging in a fruitful debate on topics surrounding the issues in modern-day science and technology for development.

Position Papers are now due on May 24th, 2020 at 11:59 PM PST. Further questions or extension requests may be directed to the dais at

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Topic A

The Development of Artificial Intelligence in War Technology

Topic B

Consumer Harm from Technology Monopolies

Committee Staff

Hannah Bahram-Pour


Hannah Bahram Pour is a senior at Woodinville High School and is currently in her third year of Model United Nations. After staffing and participating in numerous conferences, she is ecstatic to be serving as director for CSTD! When not immersed in intense international debate, you can find her passed out on the couch (for five hours at a time), practicing a DECA roleplay, or skiing. She loves the diplomatic and collaborative aspect of MUN and is excited to staff KINGMUN 2020!

Kellen Hoard


Kellen Hoard is a sophomore at Inglemoor High School who is a person of many goals. One goal of his is to accrue followers on his coin collecting Instagram account (and main) @kellencoin. Another is to appear in Vogue Magazine through his other Instagram, @kellenmodels. Beyond his self-plugs, he is thrilled to be chairing CSTD this year, and hopes that by the end of it delegates will have had so much fun that they will buy some of his merch at

Bernice Samson

Assistant Director

Bernice Samson is a sophomore at Bellarmine Preparatory School who is thrilled to be the Assistant Director on the Commission of Science and Technology for KINGMUN 2020! Bernice first got sucked into MUN when her older sister forced her to join the club, but sooner or later, she fell in love with it and has attended seven conferences since. When not in MUN, she can be found making music, relaxing, and going hiking with her friends; of course all of this is done while procrastinating all of her homework until the morning its due, which is one of her many talents. Bernice is overjoyed to be staffing on the dais for CSTD this year, and looks forward to seeing all delegates in committee!

Additional Resources and Rules of Procedure are available here.