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Committee Introduction

Rather than sitting through hours of debate, how about taking on the birds-eye view of a news reporter, rotating through committees and reporting on their deliberations? Delegates with strong writing skills and an interest in the role of news media will thrive in the International Press Corps (IPC). IPC is not for the faint of heart- delegates will be assigned multiple articles per committee session and will be expected to keep to strict deadlines. However, between rotating through different committee rooms and churning out articles, delegates will experience first-hand the importance of a free press to democratic discourse- and just how easily that press can be swayed.

Position Papers are now due on May 24th, 2020 at 11:59 PM PST. Further questions or extension requests may be directed to the dais at

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Topic A

International Press Corps

Committee Staff

Spring Chenjp


Spring Chenjp is a junior at Tesla STEM High School and is thrilled to direct the International Press Corps at KINGMUN 2020! Her wonderful experience at SeattleMUN 2019’s IPC inspired her to bring this unique committee to the MUN Northwest circuit for another year. You may have seen her as the USG of UN Committees for KINGMUN 2019 or the Secretary-General of PACMUN 2020. In her spare time, she practices and teaches taekwondo, sings in her school choir, and hopes to pass her next calculus test.

Sowmya Pratipati


Sowmya Pratipati is a senior at Nikola Tesla-STEM High School and has spent many hours contemplating the meaning of life. This is Sowmya’s fourth year doing Model UN, and she is excited to finish this year well! In her free time, you can usually find Sowmya either watching TV, reading a book, and occasionally playing the piano. If she doesn’t have free time, it’s probably because she’s studying for an upcoming test. She’s excited to see everyone in IPC at KINGMUN 2020!

Eric Song

Assistant Director

Eric is a currently a sophomore at Nikola Tesla STEM HS, he started doing Model United Nations in his freshman year and the first conference he ever attended was Kingmun 2019. His favorite part of MUN is the position paper writing, because it really puts his research abilities to test. To him, there’s nothing like poring through countless magazines and webpages, searching for the crucial evidence needed to pack a serious punch of a sentence. In his fleeting free time, Eric likes to play European football, listen to true crime podcasts, debunk paranormal videos and crank 90s. In this coming conference, Eric is committed to making sure you understand how the IPC committee sessions will operate and he hopes you will enjoy your time there.

Additional Resources and Rules of Procedure are available here.