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Committee Introduction

The Joint Crisis Committee is quite simply the pinnacle of the Model United Nations mountain. This committee type demands experience, passion, and a willingness to adapt to two different committee environments. For KINGMUN 2020, the topic of the Joint Crisis Committee will be The First Opium War. The British economy in the 18th century had a trade deficit on China thanks in large part to the demand for tea. But by the end of the 18th century and throughout the early years of the 19th century, the British East India Company was leveling off that deficit by shipping Indian opium to China. The increased opium trade led to a wide drug problem and social unrest in China. Not to mention, Opium had been outlawed in China by imperial decree as early as 1729. As the dependency grows, China reacts by destroying 1,400 tons of British Opium in 1839. Blow after blow, the opium trade quickly turned into The First Opium War. The goal of this JCC will be to resolve the conflict between the British Bloc and the Chinese Bloc by any means necessary. Although this committee is recommended for experienced delegates, we still encourage intermediate delegates to apply for a position.

Position Papers are now due on May 24th, 2020 at 11:59 PM PST. Further questions or extension requests may be directed to the dais at

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Topic A

The First Opium War

Committee Staff

Harshita Bondhi

Joint Director

Harshita Bondhi is a senior at Redmond High School. After five years of Model UN and 19 conferences, the time has finally come to staff her last conference and be promptly shipped off to wherever upon the year’s end. She can be easily impressed; one only needs a thorough knowledge of the Communist Manifesto and some incisive social commentary. Harshita loves crisis committees and the freedom they give delegates to enact creative solutions and engage in intense debate. She is delighted to serve as the KINGMUN 2020 JCC’s Joint Director. She will do everything she can to make the JCC experience enjoyable for everyone involved and looks forward to the day of the conference, where all the hard work of her wonderful and talented dais will pay off.

Henry Rodgers

Joint Chair

Henry Rodgers is a sophomore at the International School in Bellevue. In his two years of Model United Nations he has attended six conferences, and he is excited to serve as the Joint Chair for JCC. He started his MUN career at EDUMUN 2018, and this will be his first time staffing a MUN conference. He enjoys crisis committees because of their dynamic nature and how they challenge delegates’ ability to debate. He can’t wait to work as hard as he can to make JCC the best possible experience for every delegate, and he looks forward to meeting the delegates and hearing all the innovative solutions they come up with.

Nils Berzins

Bloc 2 Director

Nils Berzins is graduating from the one and only International Community School in Kirkland. Simply put, he’s a patriot of the indisputably greatest nation in the world, Latvia, and is extremely enthusiastic to be KINGMUN’s JCC Bloc 2 Director. Nils is humbled to be able to work on such an amazing conference with an even more amazing group of people. With his final year in high school being his third year of Model United Nations, he regrets not jumping on to the diplomacy wagon earlier, considering that his freshman year desperately needed more activities. Being born and raised in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, he has come to appreciate the finer things in life, such as: the constant “torrential downpour”, an odd combination of flannel and denim, liberal politics, wildfires, and copious tech firms ruining the city skyline. And if there is something to take away from Nils’ entire MUN career, it would be to apply to every conference or MUN opportunity possible; one would be surprised at how far one can take some simple high school extracurricular. #WestCoastBestCoast

Ron Dubinsky

Bloc 2 Chair

Ron Dubinsky, alias “Money Guy”, is wanted in fourteen countries and twelve states. A sophomore at Juanita High School, his criminal origin began with REDMUN 2017, which he followed with numerous other conferences, all equally heinous. According to INTERPOL, his activities outside of MUN include complaining, reading, and playing guitar. In an interview with SEC investigators, Ron stated that he hopes delegates enjoy a challenging and exciting experience at his next criminal project.

Sai Sunku

Bloc 2 Assistant Director

Sai Sunku is a sophomore at Interlake High School and is in her first year of the dreaded IB program. Nonetheless, she is absolutely excited to be serving as the Bloc 2 Assistant Director for JCC. Ever since starting MUN in freshman year, she has become fascinated with the global mindset and awareness that MUN offers. Ever since setting foot in her first crisis committee, she has been blown away by the fast-paced debate and the creative solutions. Aside from MUN, Sai participates in HOSA, Science Olympiad, is part of the Bellevue Youth Council, and also enjoys volunteering at the Pacific Science Center. Whenever she has nothing to do (which is basically never) she loves to read dystopian novels and contemplate her decision to join the IB program. All that aside, she cannot wait for KINGMUN to welcome you all to an amazing JCC experience!

Rithikaa Prakash

Bloc 1 Director

Rithikaa Prakash is a current junior at the International Community School in Kirkland. This is her third year in MUN and she is delighted to serve as the Director for JCC Bloc 1 at Kingmun 2020. She has attended many conferences as a delegate and has served on staff and secretariat numerous times. She holds Kingmun close to her heart, it was the conference that opened her up to specialized committees and directorship. In her free time, you can find Rithikaa attempt and fail to wrap a burrito at her workplace, trying to recall her dance routine, or frantically trying to come up with an idea for her next piece in AP studio art. She loves to paint and doodle whenever she gets the chance, even if it may be in the middle of committee at a Canadian conference. She is super excited to see all the work the JCC staff has put into Kingmun 2020 come to life and hopes everyone is ready for a weekend of fast paced debate, dry pens, and many many laughs.

Deveshi Thakur

Bloc 1 Chair

Deveshi Thakur is a Junior at Tesla STEM High School, and is extremely excited to be staffing KINGMUN this year! Her first MUN experience was as a delegate of the WHO at KINGMUN 2017, where her eyes were opened to diplomacy, formal debate, and the likes. Deveshi has grown to love MUN for the opportunities it provides to exchange ideas and collaborate with other students that are passionate about real-world issues. She has attended and staffed numerous conferences and is excited to staff this one! Outside of MUN, Deveshi enjoys singing, dancing, taekwondo, and eating.. She is looking forward to meeting the delegates and seeing all the incredible solutions that they bring to the Joint Crisis Committee at KINGMUN 2020!

Arjun Rajpal

Bloc 1 Assistant Director

Arjun Rajpal has been a part of Model United Nations for the past three years. His first conference was way back in the 10th grade as an ill-tempered socially awkward delegate in the World Health Organization as Nigeria. He served as the treasurer of his school’s Model Un chapter in the 11th grade and was eventually upgraded to co-president as of his Senior year. As a self-described good brother, Arjun spends his weekends supporting his dad, mom, and two younger siblings in their endeavors. If he is not preoccupied, one might find this wonderful individual fishing at a few of his “top-secret” fishing spots or eating a nice juicy burger at one of his “top-secret” Burger spots. As a self-described “Visionary with a capital V,” you may also find him talking about his next “big break” or the stock market. He has strategically waited till his last year in high school to start his staffing adventure and he desires to help the next generation of Model Un delegates be as good as his own generation. Also, did I mention he was a Senior. Arjun is looking forward to a fruitful JCC and an epic conclusion to his Model United Nations Journey.

Additional Resources and Rules of Procedure are available here.