United Nations Human Settlement Programme

UN-HABITAT | Beginner

Committee Introduction

UN-Habitat, otherwise known as the United Nations Programme for Human Settlement, addresses issues of urban development and a better urban future. Composed of over 90 countries, they promote social and environmental development of sustainable cities, towns, and communities. They strive for adequate shelter, along with better living standards for all. UN-Habitat’s goal is to define the urban vision of tomorrow by providing stability and a promise for potential success for all. While collaborating with governments and local partners, they support countries, cities, and communities in taking advantage of the opportunities urbanization offers. Acting as a centre of excellence and innovation, UN-Habitat utilizes their projects in order to combine world-class expertise and local knowledge. Using the encouragement and enforcement of their programs, they further their progress to fulfill their objectives.

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Topic A

Implementation of Sustainable Waste Management Systems

Topic B

Ensuring Access to Adequate Housing in Urban Slums

Committee Staff

Autumn Rhee


Autumn Rhee is currently a junior at the International Community School. She began her MUN journey at PACMUN 2018 in UNHCR and was inspired by the community of passionate delegates around her. Outside of MUN, she enjoys spending her time playing instruments, crushing her friends at card games, and simply meeting new people with an overly friendly smile! Autumn hopes that this committee will not only improve your public speaking, but will also create unforgettable memories that you can hold onto for the rest of your life. :)

Marjan Fathi


Marjan Fathi is a sophomore at Inglemoor High School, and is excited to live it up at KINGMUN 2020! She has been entrapped in the MUN world since the start of freshman year. Marjan is very attached to her family and she likes to waste her time with her wild dog and interesting friends. In her free time she enjoys playing badminton, binge-watching Netflix shows religiously, and flexing her bilingual skills. She is ecstatic to see your contributions and ideas during committee and help to create all the memories that come with it. She can’t wait to meet you all!

Disha Cattamanchi

Assistant Director

Disha Cattamanchi is a freshman in the Cambridge Program at Juanita High School. She has always been fascinated with the MUN culture, and is an ardent contributor to the MUN society. She has always been interested in debates, worldly issues, and diplomatic views, with MUN being the outlet that she had always wanted to channel her passions through. Other than MUN, Disha enjoys sticking her face in a book, watching TV until midnight, and writing short stories and poetry (Yes, she is totally that kind of girl). She is thrilled to work with all of you, and give you an amazing and unforgettable experience at KINGMUN 2020.

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