April 25th—26th, 2020


The venue of KINGMUN 2020 will be announced soon!

Portrait of Manka Dhingra, the keynote speaker of KINGMUN 2020


The schedule of KINGMUN 2020 will be published soon!


Refund Policy

No refunds will be given unless the conference does not occur or cancellation arises from medical issues, force majeure, or other circumstances arising beyond reasonable control. Refunds will be honored upon full cancellation of the event; full cancellation does not include postponement of the event. Cases will be reviewed on an individual basis.

Technology Policy

During all seminar and committee sessions, the use of cellular devices are prohibited, and they’re required to be turned off or placed in silent mode. Laptops are permitted so long as they are closed during formal activity. Internet will be provided during committee sessions. Any use of this service for social networking, the viewing of explicit material, or other activity unrelated to the course of debate will result in the Secretariat being notified immediately. For applicable sessions, the use of USB drives is encouraged to share resolutions among the dais and committee.