(Not OPINION) FACT: the Radiant ASEAN Dais > Water

By The Onion at 2:55 PM 5/30/2020 (PDT)

Papua New Guinea mentioned water and its relation to transportation. I truly believe water is a very important point of discussion. One cannot survive without water just like one cannot survive without the incredible ASEAN dias. Though transportation and all that jazz is important, it is perhaps more important to talk about how very incredible Maya Dallman, Shreya Nambi, and Neeka Ghazanfarpour are perhaps the chillest and most on track dias I have witnessed today. I can say with complete certainty, the radiant ASEAN dias & gt; water.

Another incredible thing was the SpaceX launch, even though I had said it was not nearly as important as the doggo. It is a bit agitating, however, how many issues this launch had had. NASA and SpaceX had planned to have their launch earlier this week, but the weather conditions had interfered with this. This morning, there were seven (7) clouds which was one more than the maximum number of clouds allowed for a launch, so they considered moving the launch to Sunday. However, by some miraculous turn of events, probably the shining personalities of the ASEAN, one cloud dissolved into the sky allowing the launch to occur. The two agencies avoided any casualties and had a rather successful start to their mission. One can hope nothing will go wrong on their mission, and they will not have to turn the rocket off and on again.

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