(Opinion) Running In Circles

By CNN at 9:23 AM 5/31/2020 (PDT)

An issue of utmost importance has been put into the hands of the member states of the UNCATD. Countries afflicted by the side effects of war, and ones that are still developing are in need of assistance to stay afloat economically and socially.

UNCATD has put their heads together to come up with solutions that will benefit and sustain these decimated countries. NGO’s have been introduced with slight opposition, the postponing of tariffs, and efforts to assist the working class in these countries, so that they themselves can arise their own economies.

However, amidst these insightful solutions, the flow of debate is anything but good, dead ends have been reached and delegates have gone to the point of proposing that the committee of UNCATD make another committee to deal with the problems they were facing. Good ideas were presented, but a foundation was not created.

I am writing this in hopes that UNCATD will get their bearings together, because some truly great ideas where presented, but they must realize that to pass a resolution they must come up with innovative ideas and develop a plan that suits all of the needs they have so clearly outlined.

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