A Dais Gone Mad?

By Agence France Presse at 2:55 PM 5/31/2020 (PDT)

I can assure you, entering the CSTD committee is a unique Model UN experience.

From the beginning the Dais had an atypical manner of preparing for debate. When entering the meeting, one is questioned on their beliefs, such as whether or not it is normal to not have any posts on social media. It was quite evident that the committee members were unsure of how to respond. Regardless, once the session began it appeared to run smoothly.

All delegates affirmed their completion of draft resolutions for Topic A, the Development of Artificial Intelligence in War Technology, and the Dais was satisfied. Thus, they voted on and affirmed the introduction of Draft Resolution 1.0. However, the Dais deemed the committee familiar enough with the draft resolution to bypass the sponsors presenting the resolution to the chamber and entertained the Delegation of Germany’s motion to close debate.

Subsequently, the Delegation of Japan motioned to move into a voting bloc which “clearly passed”. The Dais then “locked” the zoom meeting.

As an unusual turn of events, the committee proposed to vote by acclamation, an unconventional style of voting rarely exercised by any MUN committee and often discouraged by the Dais. Yet the vote found itself to be successful, and the resolution was passed.

Immediately following this momentous committee event, when questioned how it feels to pass their first draft resolution, the Delegation of Brazil was quoted saying, “Feels good, feels good...“.

The Dais seemed unaware of their own writings. When the Delegation of the United States recalled the allowance of social media technology monopolies to make online consumer markets possible, referencing the Director’s merchandise store kellensmerch, he was surprised of the Delegate’s awareness of his shop, despite mentioning it in his Director's Letter.

Shortly after this confusion, the Dais proceeded to play for the committee a parody of “Gangnam Style”, “Model UN Style”, which left the delegation in utter silence. After the painfully awkward 2 minutes, debate was resumed, and the entire music video outbreak was completely ignored, as though it never happened.

Subsequently, whilst delegates were hard at work, the committee session was concluded, with the Dais showing off their interpretations of art on their Zoom screen.

There may be many interpretations of the occurrences presented today in the CSTD committee session. It is undoubtedly an unusual committee, however, is it a committee that you would want to make decisions about your country’s wars, AI and technology monopolies?

I’m not so sure...

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