A Firm Hand: The Cabinet Attacks Terrorism

By TeleSUR at 1:02 PM 5/31/2020 (PDT)

Through years of imperialistic ventures, colonization, and naval expansion, Britain has consistently prided itself on civility, innovation, and humanity. However, The Cabinet has to tackle an issue with meretricious brute, masked under a guise of composure. To set the scene: dealing with the Irish Republican Army—an army dedicated to ending Britain’s rule in Northern Ireland, the IRA for short—whose approach to freedom is through terrorist attacks on Britain’s citizens (Interim Prime Minister). Naturally, this is becoming a pain in the neck for Britain to deal with. They need to effectively silence pleas and violent doctrines of the group while avoiding future conflicts. The IRA, however, wants the British out, no matter the cost. How the British respond to this, moreover, is up for the Cabinet to decide. So, a few members of the committee are tasked with rebuttal. The new Interim Prime Minister, formerly the Home Secretary; Lord Privy Seal; Secretary of State for Industry; and the Foreign Secretary sit down to chat about resolution and solution.

They all serve different purposes in the cabinet—while the Secretary of State for Industry takes a more conservative approach to serving its citizens, the Foreign Secretary is all for foreign considerations. But, nonetheless, their approach to solving this issue is the same: to show the power of the British empire without agitation and aggression. This idea has traversed through the committee in many iterations. The Secretary of State for Industry, an outspoken character quick to insert their perspective wherever applicable, stated that Britain needs to “maintain the impression that [they] are in control”. Later, the Secretary reduced this to a colloquial “playing by our rules”. The Interim Prime Minister, a sage figure who is quick to elaborate on their thoughts for the good of the Cabinet, approaches the topic of the IRA with “a firm hand [that’s] not inappropriately aggressive”. This is the approach that the cabinet has chosen to approach the IRA with—while the success of this approach is unknown, only time can tell.

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