A Series Of Events In UN-Habitat

By Buzzfeed News at 10:53 AM 5/31/2020 (PDT)

UN-Habitat has been hit with some bad luck this morning.

At 9:00, committee session four began for all delegates and staff participating in KINGMUN 2020. A second day filled with intense debate and effective solutions to the World’s greatest problems. But UN-Habitat started out a little different.

Debate opened at 9:08 with an attendance of five delegates. This is not the typical size for a Model United Nations (MUN) committee. Given this, the day started off somewhat slow. The committee was struck with more hardship, when it was Australia’s turn to speak. Their microphone was not functioning. This meant the country could not make the speech they had wanted. Debate continued, while Australia worked to solve this hindering issue.

By 10 am, their delegate attendance increased to seven delegates, a decent number for successful debate. At this time, they began on their working paper, by expanding their bundle of ideas. After a Q&A session, I was informed that their resolution will be on creating an intergovernmental organization (IGO), healing weak economies, upgrading amenities intelligently, and suggesting legislation reform to the countries who need it.

They made some great progress as a committee, but yet again bad luck struck. Australia’s microphone continued to malfunction, never allowing the country to make the speech they were so interested in making. This is an understandable difficulty, given that the conference is running entirely online.

Let’s send some good luck in UN-Habitat’s direction.

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