AI on the new frontier

By CNN at 11:44 AM 5/31/2020 (PDT)


The world is advancing in technological ability and creation at an extreme speed. While these advancements are exciting, great risk comes with the evolution of technology, more so as it is becoming a staple in our lives. Around the world, innovative countries and governments are working to perfect artificial intelligence, not only for commercial use but military as well.

A long time ago aspects of our daily lives were fictional, people couldn’t image watching a show on a television, or taking long-distance calls, while looking right at the other caller’s face, they couldn’t imagine putting on a set of goggles, and suddenly being in a different world through virtual reality. But now we must ask ourselves, what dream of ours are going to become a reality?

Around the world, innovative countries and governments are working to perfect artificial intelligence, this is not new. An incredibly popular piece of artificial intelligence is Sophia the Robot, who interacts with humans, give speeches, and looks almost exactly like us. She can even draw!

But now, AI development is taking a curve, and it is up to the world to decide if it is for better or worse. In the United States, military advancement has begun, as countries around the world are looking to be able to better defend themselves, the great thinkers of the world have turned to Artificial intelligence. Autonomous systems will have the ability to defend countries from acts of terrorism. While these ideas would be efficient and effective, the commission on science and technology for development in the united nations raised the questions on the moral and ethical values embedded in the use of artificial technology as a force. Described by the delegate of Kenya, they “[debated] how to regulate artificial intelligence in warfare and most countries agree that they want to continue the development of AI but still maintain ethics”. The resolution drafted is agreed upon by nearly all members, the resolution most importantly entails the creation of a research committee and encourages “the use of artificial intelligence to deescalate dangerous geopolitical situations” among other important acts.

To enact these plans, a voting block will take place within the hour. If these changes where to be enforced, artificial intelligence would be safer around the world, as these changes they enact ensure that AI warfare is regulated, and the world is a safer place.

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