ASEAN - progress or takeover?

By The Onion at 1:46 PM 5/30/2020 (PDT)

Though having a rather slow start, ASEAN seems to be in full motion discussing funding and transportation. Each delegate is making passionate speeches on the importance of taking things slowly and taking humanitarian approaches. While there were quite a many technical difficulties, ASEAN did not let this disrupt their fruitful discussion unlike other committees which shall not be named. It seems that ASEAN has “divided” into one group regarding discussions on the economic and environmental impacts of transportation infrastructure which is rather counterintuitive. For the most part, discussions seem to be quite stable and everyone is in agreement despite the majorly conflicting viewpoints that would very obviously be present.

What was very surprising was the unmoderated caucus. There were choruses of “what were you going to say” and “I was just” and everything one can expect in an uncontrolled Zoom call. However, reporters were very impressed with the ability for ASEAN to work together and move forward in comparison with UNSC. There were definitely issues with communication as the Philippines commented on how debate was going in circles yet this was quickly drowned out by Indonesia’s rapid comments. It is curious how Indonesia and China are trying to take over debate and trying to move forward without recognizing the state of the committee. Indonesia spoke about how everyone had common goals and imparted their beliefs on the rest of the committee. Indonesia and China’s positions in ASEAN seem to be like a facade of progress… it is a bit difficult to gauge what level of progress, if any, exists. When things become somewhat tense, a quick comment on the issues of “MUN Zoom” led to chuckles from the rest of ASEAN followed by rather solemn sighs.

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