ASEAN Starts Topic B And Here’s What The Countries’ Stances Are

By Buzzfeed News at 1:23 PM 5/31/2020 (PDT)

Explore what select countries think about unethical labor in international corporations.

In session 4, ASEAN went into voting bloc and successfully passed their resolution on public transportation

infrastructure. They were now able to move on to Topic B, which focuses on unethical labor throughout the countries of Southeast Asia. Below, some of the main countries’ stances are explained:

China: They believe in diminishing any loopholes in labor laws that corporations use to take advantage of the people of China.

Malaysia: They warned the committee about shutting down unethical jobs without first establishing accessible, ethical jobs. They said, “people rely on these unethical jobs, so instead of forcing those jobs to disappear, we should instead turn our focus to alternatives for those people working in unethical labor areas.”

Philippines: They believe that poverty is the main cause of unethical labor, so they would like to tackle that first. The Philippines also expressed worry about the idea of video surveillance in unethical jobs in respect to privacy.

Thailand: They think that education, and specifically language learning, is very important in reducing unethical labors. They said, “Education and access to education for migrant workers in Thailand is extremely limited.” Then, they continued to explain their country's language issue, surrounding public school applications. “The application for getting into public school is only available in the Thai language, and for example if there is a person from another country or another place where Thai is not spoken… it is very difficult for them to get access.”

Singapore: They brought up a new point about the racial wage gap being a large issue in their country, which could force those who are not Singaporean to turn to unethical jobs. Indonesia: They agreed with many of the other countries on the importance of closing loopholes, developing new laws, and increasing the effectiveness of law enforcement.

Vietnam: They talked about making the workers aware of their rights.

Papua New Guinea: They were the first country to bring up the unionization of labor, so that workers are not alone in the fight for ethical labor.

Education is a topic they specifically focused on as it often lowers the rates of unethical labor, especially in children. After a strawpoll, it was found that 90.98% of the committee believes that education needs to be included in the resolution. The only country who disagreed was Malaysia.

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