ASEAN Takes Steps to Address Need for Equitable Public Transportation Infrastructure

By Southern Poverty Law Center at 11:37 AM 5/30/2020 (PDT)

In the ASEAN’s first committee meeting, countries voted to open a discussion regarding the development of public transportation in Asia.

When opening this committee session, the delegates debated whether to prioritize unethical labor or the building of infrastructure in the region. In this discussion, countries were split between these two issues, many strongly advocating to create a solution for the more pressing problem in their county. Countries including Vietnam and China championed to first address the issue of unethical labor with Vietnam arguing that this topic “[affects] more people” in its own country. Despite strong advocation to address unethical labor, the committee voted 8-3 to discuss increasing public transportation infrastructure. When deciding the topic of debate, Indonesia and Thailand remained strong proponents of building infrastructure, both stating that increasing public transportation will “boost the economy” and is a “more important issue.”

As the debate unfolds, the delegates have begun to address issues surrounding public transportation including how to finance this ambition movement, economic stability while promoting infrastructure growth, and very importantly, the impact of infrastructure on the environment.

Through this committee session, the delegates focus on striving towards the development of an equitable solution while accounting for many issues that can arise with the bettering public transportation infrastructure. This is not the first time that developing public transportation infrastructure has been discussed by the ASEAN and this discussion will contribute to accounting for this issue.

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