ASEAN Tries to Put Aside Difficulties and Moves Towards Resolution

By The Jakarta Post at 11:08 AM 5/31/2020 (PDT)

ASEAN is notorious for trying to countries with completely different goals and pasts in one committee. Countries like China easily dominate many discussions, while there are also countries like Myanmar, which is considered a least developed country. The committee is currently discussing public transportation (specifically infrastructure issues).

An unmoderated caucus was high on the priority list for ASEAN. There are already drafts of resolutions. It was followed by a moderated caucus on the topic of solutions.

The current plan involves roads and bus routes as well as a screening process. The screening process would include personalized summits and the Belt and Road Initiative. In terms of funding, autonomy is largely encouraged with tiny loans and privatized infrastructure. Malaysia is also supportive of sovereignty, reminding delegates that it is important to preserve individuality. In a similar vein, there is heavy discussion of evaluation and transparency. ASEAN does not have the best reputation in terms of coming to agreements, and many delegates have expressed concern about how tensions between countries could impact progress in solving the problem.

The delegate from Thailand has suggested splitting plans up among developed, semi developed, and developing countries, garnering support from a good portion of the committee.

Vietnam has proposed imposing laws on who can travel on roads and incentivizing people to use public transportation.

After a second unmoderated caucus involving all delegates, the committee went through secondary speakers list again. Delegates from China, Vietnam and Thailand have expressed their excitement that the committee is coming closer to an agreement.

The debate has struggled with problems that aren’t new. There is controversy over splitting countries up because the countries are just so diverse. However, ASEAN continues to progress valiantly towards a resolution even though there is criticism about going around in circles.

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