An Ambitious Resolution in UN-HABITAT

By Southern Poverty Law Center at 11:46 AM 5/31/2020 (PDT)

The topic of ensuring access to adequate housing in urban slums has created much discussion in the UN-HABITAT, sparking talk for ambitious solutions including global guidelines for affordable housing and efforts to heal fractured economies around the world.

Recently, the committee has introduced a draft resolution to create a solution for housing in urban slums and has laid out specific suggestions for countries. The resolution includes plans to create an international government organization that will provide aid, develop clean sewer systems, and determine what countries must do to provide sustainable housing. Throughout this committee, the delegates emphasized the need to combat crime and make urban areas safe for all people.

The committee continues to suggest new and innovative ideas that can effectively combat this situation. One of the most prominent ideas was the delegate of Mexico’s suggestion for mixed-use architecture, a type of development that has living areas for people built on top of businesses or community centers. This idea was popular amongst delegates and is in the process of being written into the resolution.

The UN-HABITAT seems to be aiming towards coming up with sustainable solutions which help people live in safer areas with higher standards of living. This focus on helping civilians is evident in this committee with delegates like the United States of America pointing out the necessity to make “housing equitable.”

As the committee session progresses, the delegates move towards passing their resolution and bringing sustainable housing to urban slums.

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