An Interview With The Secretary Of State For Industry & The Interim Prime Minister

By Buzzfeed News at 3:21 PM 5/31/2020 (PDT)

I pull them aside for an interview on their recent Document of Committee (DOC) on the


BUZZFEED: What’s the background on why you felt the economy DOC was needed?

SECRETARY OF STATE FOR INDUSTRY: So, the British economy isn’t doing amazing at the moment. In the past several years, the inflation rate reached over 20% and we had a previous long-term economic DOC that was set out to reduce inflation and interest rates. This one is a follow-up to improve businesses. So, this one promotes tax cuts and gives small low-interest loans to some British and North Irish businesses, especially those that don’t have any industry, to help them out.

BUZZFEED: Is there anything else that you can add on what [the new economy DOC] is supposed to do for the economy?

SECRETARY OF STATE FOR INDUSTRY: Specifically, we wanted to focus on heavy industry because it can be used in a variety of ways. Britain had a really strong heavy industry presence already, so it was just a good area to back up.

BUZZFEED: [Interim Prime Minister] what was your role in this DOC?

INTERIM PRIME MINISTER: I thought it would be a good idea. I had some ideas on how [the DOC should be]. If you provide loans then you can give more capital to companies, and in return there’s greater economic output. While in the short term, it doesn’t look good to give out money to all these small companies, the return investment is great enough for the sake of the economy.

BUZZFEED: Are you excited that your DOC passed?



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