Apple or Microsoft? the battle of the empires we hold so near and dear

By The Onion at 2:21 PM 5/31/2020 (PDT)

After escaping to a breakout room where they were not restricted to the constraints of ChairMUN, the committee vigorously debated whether Apple and Microsoft were viable companies to discuss. When told Apple was a good agency, the United States negated all statements pressing that Microsoft was oh so much better. The idea that Apple had grown to encompass so many facets of a company was laughable to this delegate as Microsoft was truly a kingdom. The delegates discussed how, despite all of the emphasis on price controls, Apple and Microsoft have never had controls on their forever growing and expanding empire. Delegates quickly transitioned to passionate speeches within their unmod about the nature of each of these companies and began to interrupt one another to try to assert their dominance in expressing their statements. Unfortunately, just as the delegates began to engage in heated debate on the nature of these two technological empires, the secretariat stepped in to conduct dais reviews exiling the dais from the breakout room with tense vibes.

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