As the Opium War rages on, monetary chaos ensues

By Fox News at 11:17 AM 5/31/2020 (PDT)

The Opium War is raging within China, the British are taking an offensive in Formosa and Afghanistan, while China is fighting or planning to fight in Bengal and India. For years, Britain had sold and given Chinese residents opium, a highly addictive drug. As tensions between China and Britain grew, a war broke out, giving us this complicated situation we are in now. Fox News had access to both the Chinese and British war rooms, in which we heard many new or innovative battle tactics.

China has many plans to solve this war, all which seem moonshots due to China’s crippling debt. Due to death threats made on Fox News’ reporters, Fox is not allowed to disclose the amount of debt, but it is reportedly a lot. Without the ability to spend any more money, China has committed to interesting movements, such as “Dance Baby Dance”, a way to increase morale among troops by having dance concerts. Another movement to have civilians patrol in cities seems to be unsuccessful, but the current status of that operation is unknown. Later on, the economic situation of China quickly rose.

The British side has a similar conundrum, with money quickly disappearing as they financed mostly failed directives, some of the more notable ones being the invasion of Formosa for testing purposes, and starting the Indian independence movement a century early. Later on in the committee, as China somehow recuperates all of their debt, the British lost a lot of monetary resources as opium sales have fallen from some successful Chinese directives. Britain issued an apology to China, explaining that the negative rhetoric was very insulting. Only moments after, the Chinese blockaded the British, crashing the opium market.

The situation between Britain and China is volatile and ever-changing, with no end in sight.

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