As the day ends, UNSC grinds to a halt

By Fox News at 9:13 AM 5/31/2020 (PDT)

The United Nations Security Council has slowed down as the day has gone on, with

delegates seemingly uninterested in continuing debate. As the resolution was wrapping up,

there was a sense of loss as a veto by Russia seemingly inevitable. Mostly optional, The

resolution seems to do nothing to solve the issue, only recommending a vote for some Ukrainian

breakaway provinces to be able to leave. Only two moderated and one unmoderated caucus in

the span of one and a half hours, with delegates seemingly uninterested in the content and

information from the committee. There was one standout: The United States of America had a

keen interest in keeping the security of the volatile region, all while working with Russia to

achieve a political compromise.

Delegates seemed to be attempting to recruit nations such as India, not present in

UNSC, to create a peacekeeping force - it is unclear that the UNSC has such a power, to pull

peacekeeping forces into another nation. Later on, delegates questioned the validity of the

UNSC’s power to create sanctions, a power granted to them by the UN charter. After multiple

moderated caucuses almost failing after a single speaker, the delegates seemed exhausted and

uninterested in continuing any discussion.

Speaking almost exclusively in jargon, some delegates had little to no resemblance of

the actual situation in Ukraine - perhaps exacerbated by the nature of an online UNSC meeting

(editor's note: rip the 4th wall). However, delegates seemed determined to finish a resolution by

the end of the day.

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