BREAKING NEWS: director of UNSC is incapable of copy and pasting

By The Onion at 11:41 AM 5/31/2020 (PDT)

At 11:15 AM, after hours and hours of debate, the UNSC was plagued with another issue. The director, the glorious chief of staff of PACMUN 2020 (Luke) Jouflas was paralyzed in fear while editing the one (1) resolution the UNSC had prepared. The United State typed in the wording they preferred at the top of the paper, and Jouflas highlighted and unhighlighted the sentence multiple times saying “they are beyond my technological capabilities” while the rest of the dais chorused support for their unfortunate director. After trying to move the text multiple times for almost 20 minutes, he finally moved the clause when the committee erupted in applause.

In other news, at 11:20 AM, the committee finalllyyyyyy moved into voting bloc and passed their first ever resolution after two minutes of debating which type of voting to use.

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