Bears, Bugs and Bees

By Agence France Presse at 12:52 PM 5/30/2020 (PDT)

Since reentering debate, it appears as though JCC Block 1 has been allowing its participants to lead themselves into self-sabotage. Rather than building a force to be reckoned with, the dais was left reminding the committee that buying 500 troops is like having mosquitoes pester you, and yet in the end they do nothing. It seems to be that Block 1 spends more time naming its directives than planning the contents within it.

However, this irresponsibility on the behalf of China should come as no surprise. If China had an ounce of reason throughout the past century, they would not have found themselves at the mercy of traders and the British East India Company.

Is China poking a bear with a stick?


Yet they may have found a saving grace, because when the Advisor of the Malay States entered the Bloc 1 for a Q & A session, he seemed to know little of any actual logistics which Bloc 2. As a matter of fact, he stated that the only significant act which Britain has prepared for is, preparing to ship out opium, but without an actual plan. Yet at the same time, they intend to attack some region beside Taiwan. Perhaps Britain is even more clueless than China. In addition to the confusion which the Bloc 2 Advisor presented, he expressed disdain for his own Bloc.

Is there a betrayal on the way…?

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