Breaking News: The Fall of Macau

By TeleSUR at 9:06 AM 5/31/2020 (PDT)

TeleSUR sat in on the meetings of the British side of the Opium War. Debates were escalating—while we started off with peaceful, steady debate about their victory at the Battle of Formosa and their next steps. They’ve angered the Netherlands, and intimidated potential trade partners with their hostility. The Master General of Ordnance talked about fortifying Singapore to achieve their objective, only to take that back in favor of pursuing Indian soil to expand their military.

Soon, they launched into conversation. I asked about political gain and implications, and they alleged that there were no political implications within their bloc. I did not get a chance to ask about political implications between them and the other bloc before they dove back into conversation.

The argument got heated. While the group went around and asserted their beliefs of the goals of the war, the Governor of Macau wanted to speed up the process. A Representative from Dent & Co. directly refuted this, stating that we need to reach a compromise to avoid decimating the Chinese economy. They argued that there is no reason to fight a war forcing the Chinese to trade with Britain if they will have nothing to trade when this is all over. The Representative, the Master General, and the Commander in chief argued, and argued, and argued some more. They extended their conversation, eager to get their last points in. This came to halt when they receive an announcement that the Governor of Macau had been assassinated in a Shakespeare-esque suicide mission; the spies poisoned the Governor while visiting a foreign land. Their plan for intensifying the war would have to wait a bit. They were effectively silenced. In turn, China attacked Macau in turn, easily seizing the weak, crippled nations. Now, the bloc sits on their toes, awaiting a next move from the other bloc, or launching their next assassination.

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