Britain Will Need An Immense Amount of Strength

By South China Morning Post at 9:33 AM 5/31/2020 (PDT)

The death of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher combined with the escalating violence between the IRA and the British government will be Britain’s greatest obstacle to its success as a global power. If it shows that it cannot subdue rebellion within its own borders, other countries are even less likely to fear it. Despite the British Empire still being a relatively recent memory, other countries like the United States are rising on the world floor. If they are unable to show that they can’t stand together in this moment of weakness, it makes them vulnerable.

Internally, the British Cabinet does not fear an upheaval of their global status. The foreign secretary says, “ I don’t believe it has changed at all. Britain is still the most powerful country in the world and can handle terrorists with or without the PM.” This might have been true in the last couple decades but in this new world order, it is difficult to see how the British Cabinet maintains this attitude. As Asian countries like Hong Kong and Taiwan start to rise up in terms of economic power and countries like the US and Russia rise up in political dominance, Britain’s position seems threatened. Prime Minister or not, other countries will see this moment of weakness and realize how easy it is to take advantage of it.

Even if a new PM is elected or chosen, the issue of the IRA still stands. Should the IRA deem this moment a weakness, even more violent actions can be taken in their bid to secede from the United Kingdom. The possibility of that or even just more violence is not good for Britain’s global power. They must be able to stand together in order to hold on to what power they have left.

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