Britain should accept the treaty NOW

By The Jakarta Post at 1:40 PM 5/31/2020 (PDT)

Britain may have initiated the smuggling and gotten a massive amount of people addicted to opium, but they may be falling off their podium now. China has proposed a treaty that means (among other terms) that Britain has to stop illegal importation and accept drug searches.

China and Britain have very different opinions on the proposed treaty. Jardine, Matheson, & Co has stated that they would take the treaty even if Britain does not. On China’s side, there is general sentiment that Britain is far too stubborn to take the treaty. As the Viceroy of Liangguang said, this is Britain’s chance to salvage their economy and their country. This might well be the last chance they give Britain.

Though it should be noted that China is far from invincible as they have lost trade, Britain is at a severe disadvantage. The combination of unrest from India and complete blockade on trade with China has put them in a position where it would simply be foolish to not accept the treaty.

This conflict over opium has dragged on far too long. China is the victim in this situation, and yet Britain refuses to make amends. When China, a notoriously stubborn country, offers an olive branch, it should be taken.

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