Britain’s Temper Tantrum: The Loss of Macau

By TeleSUR at 9:12 AM 5/31/2020 (PDT)

As I write, the British are scrambling to regain control of Macau, the land they lost after the assassination of the Governor of Macau. China quickly took advantage of this opportunity, taking over Macau, being both swift and cunning. The British side didn’t know how to cope with this, and the recovery got lost in petty arguments about how to best spread their capitalist regime in China. However, it soon became too late when the Chinese-occupied nation garnered enough anti-British sentiment to set opium warehouses on fire and destroy essentially tons of money.

Britain should take note of this event. They were failed by their lack of diplomacy, lack of maturity, and overall lack of composure. Their messy tactics, comparable to a child finger painting, left them with an embarrassing, muddy, irreversible situation.

On the flip side, China’s strong, centralized government informed them well on the opportunity. They took advantage of what they could, giving them the public support needed for the war. No wonder China’s knowledgeable government has informed lots of great decisions, especially their centralized economy and their conservative, right leaning government.

As the Opium War comes to a close, the end result is clear: China, even if they lose the war, will still be the superior in the end. Britain’s childlike behaviors will not get them far and only shows how bad these capitalist monarchies are getting. The United States, albeit not a monarchy, but still with a man with too much power at the top, is no exception to this fact—too much power at the top, the government stops serving the people it should, and it only begins to serve the rich. This is unlike nations around the world, especially Venezuela, who’s administration works to serve all.

The Opium War will show its true colors soon. More updates on Macau to come.

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