CSTD Battles Over Regulations of Tech

By Southern Poverty Law at 2:44 PM 5/31/2020 (PDT)

The Commission on Science and Technology for Development continues to debate about how to properly protect consumers from the harms of technology corporations. The discussion seems to be split between developing nations who want to start increasing the presence of technology in their countries and developed countries who aim to strengthen existing regulations. This clear divide has led to conflict in the committee, and the CSTD has only now started to draft a resolution in its final session together.

One point of clash was whether countries need to set price regulations for tech companies to make goods affordable for consumers. On this issue, the United States and Japan remained insistent that the committee include this concern in the working paper. This debate stalled the conversation, but after further discussion, the committee agreed to move on to other, more pressing issues.

New ideas are being considered as the discussion evolves ranging from creating grants for small businesses to providing tax cuts for corporations that comply with government requests. Currently, the CSTD seems to be focusing more on benefiting monopolies rather than prioritizing the protection of consumers, but the final answer will come in what resolution the committee chooses to pass.

The issues brought up in the committee still seem to be murky, but the committee is slowly moving towards coming up with a sustainable solution to hopefully protect civilians from corporations.

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