Cabinet - The Secretary of State of Industry - Profile

By Agence France Presse at 9:24 AM 5/31/2020 (PDT)

The Secretary of State of Industry has been extremely vocal when discussing issues relevant to the IRA. The Secretary of State of Industry is very much conservative, and believes in military action which “is effective but not necessarily expensive”. Moreover, he has demonstrated herself to be humble by realizing he is unfit to take on the role of a Prime Minister, recalling that a couple years prior he caused controversy in the public’s eye. Consequently, he recognized the Home Secretary's leadership abilities, which he demonstrated even before the untimely death of Margret Thatcher. Easily recognized as a patriot, the Secretary of State of Industry takes into consideration the needs of her country whilst making her decisions. Thus, this becomes glaringly evident through the unanimous support which the cabinet presented towards her proposal for individuals to support the change in leadership. Taking down the Irish Republican Army, whom he labels IRA Terrorists is one of her utmost priorities. Nonetheless, as a devoted Jew, he recognized his lack of a common ground with the notably Christian Irish communities which backed the Irish Republican Army. Regardless of his religious beliefs, or past action, the Cabinet remains dedicated and loyal to the opinions which the Secretary presents. Thus demonstrating the continuous excellence which the Secretary has presented throughout his terms in the political environment.

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