Cabinet Appoints New Leader in the Face of Prime Minister’s Death

By Sky News at 1:57 PM 5/30/2020 (PDT)

The Prime Minister is now dead! The Cabinet grapples to find a replacement and engages in heated discussion as they enter the third committee session of the day. With the Irish Republican Army split into the PIRA and INLA, both against British control, terrorizing Northern Ireland and its people, the Cabinet is scrambling to pass Documents of the Committee to combat the terrorism.

Talk of increasing naval presence around Ireland is increasing to provide further protection against Irish terrorism. While military action is prevalent, many delegates have voiced their concern in their lack of leader. The Secretary of State for Industry pointed out that the need for a leader is much more pressing than the need for military action.

In response, the Minister for the Arts and Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster voiced similar perspectives in electing the most suitable leader to fill the shoes of the Prime Minister. The Home Secretary was recently brought up as an ideal candidate. He stated, “I’d be honored to serve as the Prime Minister,” while ensuring that everyone would be accepting of him filling this position.

Reporters are itching to hear the response of other Cabinet members, and, in a straw-poll, found that the Cabinet was unanimously in favor of appointing the Home Secretary as the new leader.

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