China’s First Approaches on the Opium War

By CNN at 12:08 PM 5/30/2020 (PDT)

In the midst of their land being overrun by opium addiction, China is taking steps to fight back against the British suppliers. A radical view has been taken when it comes to this Opium War. The Viceroy of the Liangguang Province of China is in strong support of a violent undertaking, they believe that the “British are undermining our authority and poisoning our people”.

In the last hour this very statement has become a fact. A British spy recently attempted to poison a Chinese official in retaliation to small efforts made by the Chinese government in an attempt to postpone the opium trade from the Strait Settlement of Singapore.

This installment came after a Chinese battalion attempted to sink a ship and steal money from the British East India Company, who is responsible for the introduction of opium into Chinese society. 100 men attacked the harbor with plans to burn it down, after stealing money and ships. This violent act from China was an attempt to block flow of opium into its land. However, this attempt failed and as a direct result, Britain has knowledge of China’s planned attacks.

Currently the Minister of Revenue is advising fewer violent attacks in light of recent events, while other delegates are leaning towards more violent ideas. The Viceroy of Liangguang has not changed their belief that a solution must come with violence. Plans are being made to further retaliate against Britain. The disagreement of important officials may negatively affect the success of the Chinese government in their efforts to stop underground opium trade.

Financially, the Chinese government is at a disadvantage. Opium addiction has damaged China’s trade relations and China has over 1,000,000 CNT less than the British in their defense budget. This could prove to be detrimental to Chinese armies if they do not play their cards right.

A glimpse into the future for China. China’s harsh punishment towards the British has the potential to undermine their own economy. Delegates from the Chinese government state that they wish to continue trade with the British post-war but they stated that they “will not make it easy for them” in hopes of disincentivizing any more opium trade or increased westernization. However, the measures China takes to keep British trade under control could deter Great Britain. Right now, the ball is in China’s court.

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