Clueless or Just Carless?

By Agence France Presse at 11:15 AM 5/31/2020 (PDT)

The UN Habitat morning committee session to discuss Ensuring Adequate Housing in Urban Slums began with the secondary speakers list, in which the Delegation of China gave an irrelevant speech for topic A,despite the committee not having yet finished discussion topic B which concerns the Urban Slums the committee has been discussing for over a day. Afterwards, the Delegation of China expressed the need to explain themselves, yet found itself embarrassing the integrity of the committee even more, stating that they were “just not paying attention”.

Several Delegates were missing and chose to not attend the second day of conferences. Thus, now I ask, how can we trust UN Habitat to be making the best decisions regarding our slums, our environments and our world. If the committee itself does not care enough about their discussion to bother to show up?

Afterwards the Delegation of the United States inquired about how many sponsors and signatories can a resolution contain. And the Delegation of China processed to motion for an unmoderated caucus. How clearer does it get, the UN-Habitat committee is utterly lost.

Mexico processed to diss China, stating, “seeing as china recycles, NOT anymore”

The Dais was left reminding the delegates that they voted for the moderated caucus, as the room fell silent.

Disregarding the committees failure to familiarize themself with proper protocols. When entering a 10 minute unmoderated caucus to discuss block positions it was uncovered by the committee that no one had taken into consideration the actual residents of these slums.

When the Delegation of Mexico inquired about the line between kicking people out of their houses and making sure that they are placed in a safe space to go to. Recalling that due to local landslides the Mexican government had kicked many people out of their homes without providing them alternative homes. No solutions were proposed.

This recurring trend is quite concerning for UN-Habitat, because although they have demonstrated a general understanding of the issues being presented in regards to affordable housing in urban slums, there rarely seems to be a discussion which leads to in depth discussion regarding a topic.

As havoc ensues within the UN-Habitat committee, the fate of our urban slums appears to be shaky.

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