Combine both Short and Long-Term Solutions - Stop Wasting Time!

By Sky News at 12:21 PM 5/30/2020 (PDT)

War is undoubtedly a harsh and brutal occurrence in any context. Violence is a human atrocity in all aspects and wreaks havoc on everyone involved. One of the major detrimental consquences of war is the damage it causes on economies of several countries.

While rebuilding post-war economies for all nations, developed and developing nations, is a difficult and strenuous process, the economies of developing countries must be of utmost priority. In specific, short-term and long-term solutions must be implemented as a whole to help the collapsing economies of developing countries after war. The debate on whether short or long-term solutions should be integrated is outrageous and should instead shift focus on incorporating both solutions, rather than one.

Australia is a major developed country that expressed their views of the importance in combining both short and long-term solutions in providing aid to rebuild post-war economies. In correspondence with their view, it is imperative that short-term solutions are implemented for the sake of immediate relief. However, it must not be overshadowed by the development of long-term solutions as permanent, sustainable methods are crucial to success as well.

In specific, a key short-term solution that is primarily being discussed is the use of oil trade to rebuild economies. As a top seller of oil, China claimed that reestablishing oil trades would be a major step in the right direction for post-war recovery. Similarly, the delegate from Pakistan stated that short-term solutions should take priority because they “capture immediate hit-falls,” and without immediate relief, “there won’t be a country to save by the time long-term plans kick in.”

However, countries like South Korea, have claimed that focusing solely on oil trades will not make much progress. The delegate from South Korea stated that focusing on sustainable methods would be more beneficial for boosting the economy. In response to South Korea, the delegate from China responded by pointing out that a majority of developing countries depend on exportation of oil.

Given both these perspectives, countries must agree on a plan that includes both short and long-term resolutions. A solution that incorporates both the use of oil trades and alternate forms of governmental relief will result in much more progress than an “either or” tactic.

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