Commission on Science and Technology for Development Begins Talks on Use of Artificial Intelligence in War Technology

By Truthout at 10:49 AM 5/30/2020 (PDT)

The Commission on Science and Technology for Development (CSTD) met earlier today to discuss two pertinent issues: the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in war technology and the consumer harm from technology monopolies. The committee agreed to focus on artificial intelligence and how it is used in war technology. The general consensus was that AI is a useful tool in warfare, but countries need to agree on ethics and regulation.

Germany opened up the discussion and argued that the committee should focus on developing AI ethically. The delegate of Japan disagreed, saying that the use of AI in lethal weapons could be disastrous and humans should be in control. The US already utilizes AI for various applications, but developing nations, like Kenya and the Central African Republic, lack the resources for extensive AI development.

The US was very vocal about the importance of AI in systems not related to weaponry, like their Triage system. They argued that AI does not have one purpose and shouldn’t be treated as such. Germany later responded, reminding people that artificial intelligence has no regard for human life, simply commands and programs, thus humans should always remain in control.

The countries’ varied opinions are organized in two vague blocs: those who support AI and want to utilize it in various aspects of war, including medical care, security, and weaponry, and those wary of the potential harm unregulated AI can have. A strawpoll revealed that a majority of countries supported AI use completely, the rest only said sometimes. However, nobody believed that AI shouldn’t be used.

Some nations were reluctant to come forward with opinions. There was a lack of consensus, though we might see a change as conversations continue.

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