Cut Problems off From the Root: ASEAN fails to keep their citizens welfare in mind

By CNN at 1:40 PM 5/31/2020 (PDT)

Countries within the ASEAN are involved in spirited debate about the subject of child labor, unethical jobs, and immoral standards to make living wages. Debate has explored many topics ranging from increasing education standards to government involvement. They are actively looking for ways to prevent the spread of fast fashion and unethical jobs, purely from the standpoint of countries.

From time to time a delegate will bring up tightening labor laws, and enforcing labor laws within the country to cut off big companies from feasting on the profits of laborers, but it is dismissed, and personally, I can’t see why. Vietnam stated that, “We don’t want to try to impact corporations at all”. The reasoning given for this statement was that it would have a negative effect on the economy of countries, and while this is true, this standpoint is nearly as unethical as the jobs that they are debating.

I urge countries to devise plans to slowly stop large corporations abusing their citizens. Women are sexually abused and people must be hospitalized due to horrid work conditions, as well as “grueling work environments”. Despite the nightmarish conditions, people are forced to work so that they can earn enough money to stay alive.

Meanwhile, countries fear removing large corporations because it will negatively impact their economies. Delegates have not even explored restricting the power of corporations, or even mandatory location checks, or requirements. They passed over the idea and have not gone back to mention it. Instead they are focusing on enforcement and cultural acceptance.

It is shameful that countries would rather benefit from the profits of large companies opposed to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of their people.

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