Ethicality is not Short Term

By Agence France Presse at 3:13 PM 5/31/2020 (PDT)

Concluding many long hours of debate the Association of Southeast Asia Nations (ASEAN)

Beginning their last committee session, the members of ASEAN were well on track to passing another revolution and to enter a voting bloc for Topic B, Unethical Labor in International Corporations.

Throughout the conference two separate blocs were formed.

The Bloc of the Delegation of Singapore mainly focused on law enforcement, increasing their training and reinforcement. Whilst implementing education as a long term solution, and having international companies more transparent and use media to inform constituents globally. Subsequently, the Delegation of Indonesia added that their bloc wanting to increase number or labor laws, inspectors and enforcement.

Contrarily, the Delegation of China recalled that it was working on a working paper with Vietnam, Papua New Guinea, Laos and Nepal, education short and long term, raising awareness among consumers. Making people more aware of what they are consumer and increasing workers aware of their rights.

Following this short recap of the committee’s current situation, the ASEAN members moved towards a 15-minute unmoderated caucus to work on their Bundle of Ideas.

Bloc B formed by Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, and the Philippines, perceive itself to be composed of less established nations who do not have the already implemented resources to focus on long term solutions.

The Delegation of Thailand emphasized that the main difference amongst the two blocs which have formed in terms of ideas, is that Bloc B perceives education to be a “long term solution, and not the first step to take” in order to resolve the issues concerning unethical labor.

The general intentions of Bloc B are to ensure that countries evaluate their current labor situations in regards to international labor standards. Develop law enforcement and equip countries with the resources and capabilities to avoid loopholes. Make sure that countries are mindful of both migrant workers and racism.

Moreover, Bloc B believes that publicizing the issues of unethical labor is key to increase awareness and evoke chance within nations. The Bloc wants to highly stress the importance of international media being allowed to come into countries and document what they see without governmental intervention.

It seems to be that Bloc B has constructed a well developed plan and is well equipped to promote ethical labor in international corporations.

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