Exclusive Interview With Viet Nam from the UNSC

By The Onion at 11:15 AM 5/30/2020 (PDT)

We took it upon ourselves to discuss the state of the UNSC and everything throughout the committee:

What does Viet Nam think is the biggest issue in committee right now?

The committee is discussing issues over whether Russia is responsible or needs to be held accountable for what is happening in Ukraine

The main leaders: US, France, and the UK think Russia needs to be held accountable while Russia’s allies like Viet Nam can’t really speak out against anyone “with more power.”

Viet Nam knows that Russia has its own reasons.

What was surprising was what Viet Nam said next as they instantly seemed to contradict their earlier point talking about how it was very possible that Russia was at fault… very interesting and suspicious… do I smell some foul play???

What will be the next conflict?

“Russia has been tampering with Ukranian policies”

I can see why delegates think there are issues.

Viet Nam, Russia, and the allies believe that there shouldn’t be an issue of accountability due to sovereignty.

How are things going with an online platform?

difficult to get things started -- very true

weirder to talking to a computer screen

when debate gets more intense and personal… important, things might go better

How is your dias doing handling the different platform?

“I think my dias is doing great”

“our director [JOUFLASSSSSSS] has been really good on walking people through it”

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