Exposing the Atrocities Committed by Labor Companies

By Sky News at 2:00 PM 5/31/2020 (PDT)

The impressive group of delegates in the ASEAN committee are well on their way in deep discussion for their second topic of this conference: Unethical Labor in International Corporations. The delegates have made immense progress and are already drafting working papers to enforce the ideas they have suggested.

Notable points have been made by several delegates working towards increasing customer awareness and raising overall recognition of unethical labor. The delegate of Indonesia began by introducing the ideas present in her bundle of ideas. These include a tighter control on law enforcement to ensure there is greater transparency so that the media is able to expose the unethical behavior of labor companies. Another idea that was presented was the increase in the number of labor inspectors to ensure that guidelines are followed. Finally, increasing the resources available to the government for overseeing the labor companies would also result in beneficial progress.

Another significant speaker was the delegate of China, who is working with other countries such as Vietnam, Nepal, and Laos. She also touched on the emphasis of education, in respect to increasing customer awareness to ensure they recognize the labor going into their products. Most importantly, they want to make workers aware of their rights and create additional transparency by increasing inspections.

It is clear that most sentiments are shared throughout this committee and drastic progress will be made as these intelligent delegates put their brains together to form a final resolution!

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