FEATURE - Imperial British Government Pushes into Asia with Military Action

By Southern Poverty Law Center at 12:27 PM 5/30/2020 (PDT)

In a committee session filled with clash and argumentation, delegates in support of the British Government voiced their opinions on expansion into Asia and how to proceed with military action.

A strong proponent for immediate military action was the Master-General of Ordinance, the representative responsible for the production of naval artillery. With the support of the commander of the British Navy in the Western Pacific, the committee discussed taking the island of Formosa, capturing Shanghai and advancing the military into Northern China.

Ultimately, the committee agreed to send military forces to Formosa, the directive the committee voted on as follows:

“Operation God Save the Queen, steps: (with permission from chief commander) Transport 250,000 troops on ships and land them on Formosa to establish a base there. If successful, we will use it to rebase all our ships there and troops there.”

Despite the majority of the committee agreeing upon military action, there was push back to military force being used. The Representative of Dent & Co., a representative from a trading company that operates in China, opposed using military action so that the company could protect trade in China. They urged the committee to “avoid violence as long as possible.”

Throughout this session, military involvement and opium transportation often came hand in hand. The committee voted to use 20 ships stationed in the East Indies to ship opium to China in order to protect the land from Chinese intervention. In relation to this directive, the Advisor to the Malay States, the representative disagreed by saying that the British should altogether stop importing opium and just use military action.

As the situation unfolds, this committee continues to discuss military action, talking about actions ranging from capturing cities to the possibility of assassinations.

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