Failing at Their Goal and Destroying Civilian Lives

By Southern Poverty Law Center at 11:31 AM 5/31/2020 (PDT)

In order to maintain their goal of creating peace in Ireland, the Cabinet has attempted to take major steps with their military involvement. However, the Cabinet’s decisions have not been successful. All of the actions taken by the committee have either had major backlash or did absolutely nothing. Even though they deployed troops in order to maintain peace, their other poorly executed plan to infiltrate a resistance group in Ireland led to even more violence in the region. When they tried to build more prisons to keep Irish resistance members from plotting against the British, a massive hunger strike against the British emerged amongst prisoners. It seems like every action the British take has been unsuccessful. But who is bearing the brunt of the failures? It is, of course, the Irish.

While the Cabinet creates conflict from hundreds of miles away, they leave Irish civilians to fend for themselves against the violence they created. Even more glaringly, the Cabinet seems to be imprisoning citizens for merely fighting for their independence from what can be seen as a brutal government. If the Cabinet did not want violence in Ireland, why did they fire the first shot? The Cabinet needs to respect the sovereignty of Ireland and leave its citizens alone if they don’t want more blood on their hands.

The Cabinet cannot believe that war is not the solution to every conflict, and they must step back and look at the mess they have created.

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