Fluctuating Focuses on Social Classes for Post-War Recovery

By Sky News at 1:17 PM 5/30/2020 (PDT)

It is always a tragedy to experience the devastating effects of war on all countries. Any large-scale violent conflict always leaves a huge impact, one of collapse and ruin, that takes immense effort to rebuild and recover from. One of the most challenging aspect of post-war recovery, is the reestablishing of damaged economies.

A majorly impacted social class that is severely hit by the impacts of war is the impoverished class of many nations. Often times, those without income and food, struggle on a day-to-day basis in supporting themselves and their families. Their struggles only intensify after war hits, and they are a crucial focus of post-war economy. While everyone can agree that they are a priority, other nations have stated that the working class should take precedence over the impoverished population in rebuilding economies.

Canada is a major voice advocating for support given to the impoverished class in post-war recovery action. The delegate from Canada stated focus must be shifted to those, “struggling to get food on the table.” While debate transferred to the topic of NGOs, Canada reiterated the importance of using NGOs and other methods of recovery to boost the economic status of the impoverished class in an effort to ensure “they’re healthy and fed.”

This sentiment was widely supported, but overshadowed by many who believed that primacy should be granted to the working class. The delegate of Iraq pointed out that the working class should be of utmost significance as they are the population working for the economy. Without them, money wouldn’t be circulating through the societies of these nations! South Korea expressed their similar views by declaring that the working class is the population that has the ability to make the most impact on the economy during these times of need. Due to their direct involvement in circulating money, the working class should be of more urgency.

While these discussions are important to have in developing a post-war plan, countries must make decisions soon or face the consequences of making little progress!

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