Godspeed: Resolution Writing in UNCTAD

By TeleSUR at 11:29 AM 5/31/2020 (PDT)

On its second day of meeting, the UN Conference on Trade and Development is in full swing, inching closer and closer to a solution for effectively dealing with post-war economies. Yesterday, they left a few strings attached—primarily, they left two questions. The delegate from Iraq said it best: “First, how are we going to track [how a nation spends their money] , and number two, how are we going to help countries who don’t want NGOs”. The problem with NGOs (Non-governmental organizations) is simple; through the support of developing nations and working-class people, NGOs have unknowingly caused a lot of social instability. Now the committee must determine how to convince developing nations that receiving aid from NGOs isn’t malicious in intent. They have yet to solve the outstanding issues from yesterday’s rendezvous, but they’re getting closer and closer by the minute.

However, the harmony that is felt when listening in on committee debate is deceiving. As delegates begin to put their foot down, tensions surely amount. The delegate from Cambodia asserted that the solution that works for everyone else would surely not work for their nation. The nation needs an alternative, one that addresses the struggles of developing nations like them. South Korea concurred. They highlighted that developed nations often “take advantage” of lesser developed nations and their resources. These tensions cannot be ignored, especially with a vote for their resolution coming soon.

An unlikely hero in this committee is the delegate from Iraq, who is not only outspoken on their nation’s beliefs, but outspoken on everything else. The delegate seeks an understanding—they ask for elaboration, clarification, and most importantly, the voices of delegates who haven’t been heard. They clear the murky water out of the swamp of resolution crafting. They work for an equitable, applicable solution, which is just what this committee needs as they try to solve such a multifaceted issue in the Godspeed.

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