Housing in Urban Slums, a priority for UN Habitat

By Agence France Presse at 11:27 AM 5/30/2020 (PDT)

UN Habitat began its 2020 conference in a nearly unanimous agreement to discuss Ensuring Access to Adequate Housing in Urban slums.

Soon after, it was voted upon to pass a 7 to 1 moderated caucus on past country actions. Although some delegates endorsed their country's past actions, many financial and economic concerns arose.

Thus, the debate began to discuss potential financial solutions regarding the development of affordable funding.

The Delegation of China stated that, “from 2000 to 2020, 2.27 million people were brought out of slum conditions”, reflecting a 10% decline in slum populations. However, the Delegation of China, emphasized that despite these successes, China was still in need of aid to better their country’s slum conditions.

The Delegation of India recommended that governments pay the individuals residing in the urban slums to “construct their own better housing”. Taking a contrasting approach, the Delegation of Mexico expressed its interest in limiting the privatization of property or a sponsor system to allow for developed countries to better support underdeveloped nations.

Both the Delegation of the United States and Australia then expressed their willingness to cooperate with nations in need of additional financing. No other delegate demonstrated themselves having the resources in order to aid in the reductions of slums in their local communities.

Nonetheless, throughout the course of debate it became glaringly clear that an effective plan regarding the manners in which funding could be used was necessary, before money was dispersed among nations. Thus, Delegation of the United States emphasized its need for coherent plans coming from the side of nations seeking investment aid, and countries to demonstrate their willingness to cooperate with other nations.

Once this common ground or economic and financial cooperation was established, the debate was suspended.

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