How The Draft Resolution Was Passed: UN-HABITAT

By BBC at 2:58 PM 5/31/2020 (PDT)

Approximately halfway through the sixth and final committee session of King County Model United Nations 2020, the United Nations Human Settlement Programme introduced the Draft Resolution 1.0 Fixed Upper Slums Organization, written by the USA and China. The resolution’s purpose is to combat urban slums and homelessness across the world.

They presented the draft resolution to the rest of committee, highlighting the necessity of sustainability and economic issues that need to be solved. It mentions changing social stigmas that introduce problems like housing discrimination and police brutality towards the homeless, but doesn’t include a specific way to combat this other than an IGO (see more below), and the idea of an educational campaign that was previously recommended seems to have been disregarded.

The resolution’s most notable goal is the creation of an Intergovernmental Organization, called Fixed Upper Slums Organization or FUSO. This organization would oversee the financial processes of fighting homelessness and re-location of the homeless, as well as humanitarian concerns like sanitation, food and water, and vital amenities. The IGO would promote collaboration and communication between member states. The United States described the resolutions as “a culmination of all of these nations coming together and putting aside our differences to help the world.”

Once the last speeches had been delivered on the resolution, Australia motioned to move into the voting bloc. The method of voting was decided and the motion to adopt the Draft Resolution 1.0 Fixing Upper Slums Organization passed unanimously!

Hopefully Resolution 1.0 FUSO will be remembered as a thorough and effective solution to urban slums and homelessness.

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