Human Rights Atrocities Committed By Both Sides

By BBC at 11:10 AM 5/31/2020 (PDT)

Early into the fourth committee session, a shocking announcement was made. While in Afghanistan, the British had killed thousands of civilians and attacked and burned rural villages. This shocking development left the committee quiet, some shaken by the immorality, and others perhaps wondering how this could be used politically. The latter were even more surprised at the next announcement一Chinese soldiers had been seen burning the villages of and killing civilians who acted favorably towards the British. Fighting has broken out in Northern India and Bengal, Afghanistan, the Chinese provinces of Macau and Liangguang. This conflict is doing little to convince either side of backing down, but rather killing thousands of innocent people who do not wish to engage with the military force of either side.

The fighting likens to the War of 1812 where approximately 15,000 American civilians were killed. The first bloc was largely unfettered by this news, and continued to plan military attacks, burning British opium fields in India, how to pressure the British via trade, and more schemes. When a poll was conducted asking whether or not bloc members would be willing to engage in direct conflict with Britain, it appears that the Chinese are ready to engage in indirect conflict that harms civilians but wary of fighting one-on-one with the British militia. Later in committee, a directive to invade Hong Kong, a British territory, was received with positivity. When asked if they consider this an act of war, which it is, the bloc refuted that status, citing the back-and-forth nature of the conflict and the previous invasion of Macau by Britain. Another directive was mentioned that involved sending poisoned water to Britain, which would be classified as biological warfare. The Chinese do not give up easily, but they are heading down a dangerous path. These events are pushing the Chinese closer to outright war with Britain...

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