In ASEAN, a heated debate on infrastructure

By Fox News at 1:16 PM 5/30/2020 (PDT)

The Association of South East Asian Nations has certainly had a very heated debate this session, centering on the lack of mass transit within ASEAN. Thailand, Indonesia, China, and Vietnam seem to have a large quarrel over the use of roads as a mechanism for solving the lack of public transit within the poorer Southeast Asian nations, with China arguing for building roads and rail before creating mass rapid transit, with Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam believing that the future holds a rail and bus-based transportation network.

Many solutions have been proposed, but promptly rejected by richer nations such as China and Singapore, both believing that roads must take precedence over rail networks and bus transit. This stands in sharp contrast to China's recent development in the past 20 years, where they mostly have built massive train, metro, and bus networks instead of developing a system of roads throughout cities, seeing as they have large traffic already.

With funding, the debate seems to be centered on obtaining funding from western nations, such as the United States and Western Europe. This is unsolicited and uncalled for: the United States and Europe have more important ways of spending money, especially in this current economic situation. In other committees, such as in CTSD, solutions do not require any funding—all of it consists of guidelines. However, a powerbloc in ASEAN is demanding western funding—something which 1st world countries likely won't go for. Overall, ASEAN seems to be divided, with no solution in sight.

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