In CTSD, America is respected as a leader in artificial intelligence.

By Fox News at 11:43 AM 5/30/2020 (PDT)

All too frequently, with previous administrations in the White House, America has been treated as the laughingstock of the world, being forced into horrible treaties such as the Paris Climate Accords and the Iran deal. With Trump at its helm, America is finally working for the good of its citizens, working for the implementation of cutting-edge technology in the US military - both ethically and effectively.

Throughout the committee, the United States has been a force for good, repeatedly calling on all delegates to speak on this important and contentious issue. Instead of leaving regulatory power over America to others, America is asserting itself on the world stage. The administration has either edited or proposed all successful motions so far, evidently working as the shepherd of the other countries, leading debate and creating themes present in the committee. In the committee, there have been several notable delegates, fighting for the shared American cause - notably Russia, Japan, Germany, and Kenya. The administration is even reaching out to Cuba and Iran - nations which are usually against what America stands for - to placate them into reducing their weapons stockpiles.

77% of the committee believes in using AI to further the military, with the rest believing that it can be used intermittently - which aligns with the goal of America and the free world. Throughout the committee, leaders like Russia and Germany have been actively arguing for promoting ethics regulations, which America will accept. The committee seems keen to change, with everyone looking towards the future with a hopeful, yet cautious eye. America stated that, with the rapidly changing AI situation, we need to look forward while writing resolutions. Overall, CTSD is on track to create a comprehensive resolution - with the United States at the helm.

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