In Cabinet Another Political DOC Passes

By BBC at 12:26 PM 5/31/2020 (PDT)

The Political Document of Committee (DOC) has been adopted by the late Margaret Thatcher's cabinet. The DOC was written by the Foreign Secretary, Lord Privy Seal, Interim PM, and the Secretary of State for Industry. This means that peace talks with the IRA will be held in the near future with the goal of mitigating IRA aggression and as a consequence, British military presence in Northern Ireland will decrease.

For those who are unfamiliar with the conflict on the island of Ireland, religious tensions between Roman Catholics and Protestants have been manifested in sectarian and political opposition since the early 20th century. This uncertainty has dramatically increased over the years as the British government started to vie for the unification of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the consequent creation of several Irish nationalist paramilitary organizations and political groups to oppose the union. In 1969, violence broke out and has continued ever since.

The Political DOC will hold a peace summit at a London military base, and the terms of the British government are that the IRA will end their attacks on the Irish and English public in exchange for the British withdrawing their military presence in Northern Ireland. The DOC specifies that these talks must happen within two months, and the duration of the discussions are at the sole discretion of the Cabinet.

The Cabinet was wary of ratifying this DOC, as it has the possibility of aggravating tensions between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland respectively. The Secretary of State for Industry argued that the Irish Republican Army (IRA) is already losing their political and military grasp on Northern Ireland. The Cabinet doesn’t want to provoke the nationalist militants, nor appease them, but wishes to retain a firm stance against the chauvinist opposition.

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