Interview with Kenya: CSTD

By CNN at 11:57 AM 5/31/2020 (PDT)

I had the opportunity to interview Kenya, a developing country, about the topic of AI warfare, in the committee of. I was particularly interested by their stance on the topic of artificial intelligence as a force. As a developing country I was expecting them to not be entirely in support of global AI warfare, especially with the power it would be giving.

Is Kenya a developing country?

Yes, it is.

How does the status of your country affect its ability to enforce AI in your nation?

Kenya’s AI is not advanced as it is in other nations, like the US. However, Kenya is slowly advancing and is working hard to improve their economic state by improving their technology sector. How does this resolution affect your country?

Overall, it will benefit my country, and improve our AI and protect us from unethical warfare.

Does Kenya have plans to use AI warfare? Is Kenya’s economy at a point where it could support AI warfare?

Kenya does not know yet if it plans to us AI for warfare, as it is not developed enough to enact this, however the economy is strong enough to support AI warfare.

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