Lets Save Play Time for Later

By Agence France Presse at 3:09 PM 5/31/2020 (PDT)

When entering into their last committee session of the day, you would think that ASEAN would be better able to navigate through their use of technology and the chamber. In one session the dias kept on making break out rooms due to them being “deleted”.

Jumping between one break out room to another, was like playing “Water Girl and Fire Boy” on Cool Math Games all over again. Trying so hard to reach the exit (and establish a firm bundle of ideas) yet falling in the lava each time.

How can we know that this committee can solve our issues regarding ethical labor and matters of such if they are inept at using their own technology? It astounds me that they have gotten anything done, but what would even be the quality of their resolutions if they are unable to even split off into groups and work on it?

Moreover, when entering into an unmoderated caucus to work on their bundle of ideas. The Delegation of the Philippines, stressed that the bloc must be careful with their wording due to ethical labor being “a sensitive topic” for many countries. With sensitive wording it is often very difficult to fully articulate concepts ideas. This may mean that the ASEAN Blocs are the ones writing.

The Delegation of Malaysia titled its bloc’s working paper “FROG”, spending more time explaining bundles’s title than discussing its actual contents.

If these Delegates are that interested in titling their documents, I’d say it's time for these Delegates to jump away from politics and leap into poetry.

Moreover the delegates comforted themselves in times of stress by stating that their papers need to be “less detailed than the previous ones”. How can we trust a committee which evidently lacks the passion, and in depth interest to form resolutions without loopholes?

We need committees and delegates who are willing to be truthful with the content which they provide. We do not need misleading messages so that the UN can enforce its agenda, this will only lead to international conflict and reduce the willingness of nations to comply with UN requests. Although it is reasonable to attempt to sweet talk nations when discussing international affairs, on paper expectations should be clear and concise to reduce any possibilities of misinterpretations.

The issues brought up by this committee still seem to have a lot of grey areas, and while some committees are working towards resolving them, ASEAN has found itself lost at sea.

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